Covid: Secret of Natural Immunity – Ancient Formula Decoded

While considering individual wellbeing and COVID invulnerability long haul, creating attention to how mending and the insusceptible framework work turns into the goal. In this specific circumstance, the accompanying ‘should pose’ inquiries need presenting:

What is normal self-insusceptibility and how could it be achieved?

Who for sure decides Health and from where does Health come?

How is Health-Immunity kept up with normally?

Along these lines, for one thing,

What is normal invulnerability?

Normal insusceptibility is the body’s ability of protection from infections – a component for overcoming contamination: complete insurance against unfamiliar antigens entering the actual body. Invulnerability is the normal articulation of an ideally working insusceptible framework.

We’re each furnished with a versatile invulnerable framework, hence the method for turning out to be normally COVID insusceptible exists as of now inside every one of us.

The Immune System – how can it give normal resistance?

Thus, in straightforward terms, regular invulnerability is accomplished as follows.

White youthful platelets travel uninhibitedly from the bone marrow through the circulatory system and show up in the thymus organ – in the upper chest – where they become full grown cells. These full grown cells – presently alluded to as T-cells or thymus cells – structure into antiviral proteins which are set free from the thymus into the body’s blood circulatory framework as safeguards against unfamiliar antigen assault or infections. Hence the safe framework is the blood circulatory framework comprising of antiviral proteins. The safe framework is likewise alluded to as the subsequent mind or, the ‘coasting cerebrum’.

Antiviral proteins along these lines are the invulnerable framework’s committed fighters created exclusively and specifically for overcoming infections going into the body creature. Referred to likewise as Interferons or Lymphocytes, antiviral proteins are incredible inhibitors at forestalling advancement of infection in the cells, when the thymus works like a hatchery in creating mature antibodies.

In lay-language, the diverse clinical names for antibodies are each alluding to a similar insusceptible giving fighters, alluding to a similar dynamic course of giving invulnerability to the body – the antiviral proteins. At pragmatic level, along these lines, it’s the advantage of the interaction that is essential, less their extravagant names and titles.

Note, that, while the versatile human resistant framework has demonstrated its capacity over a long time, present-day Coronavirus treating immunizations are late turns of events and have not withstood everyday hardship respects possible incidental effects. In this unique circumstance, I would propose, man-made antibodies can’t be considered ‘as equivalent’ to Almighty Nature’s normal and demonstrated resistant giving capacities.

What is wellbeing and from where does it come?

The word Health, Holy and Healing mean something similar. Wellbeing generally is supernatural Being – It as of now is Perfect Health. Being is the everlasting Creator inside every one of us working through the different plexus, organizations and nerve filaments of the body.

[The] Creator is our own Higher Self, Being, it’s inclination is euphoria awareness. Maker nature or Being doesn’t and can’t know ‘sickness’ or flaw in this manner, in itself, has nothing to protect against. In this unique situation, Health and absolute COVID-resistance exists intrinsically inside every individual as potential, potential requiring a channel or dynamic through which to stream, express, thus the bunch Creator-planned body components, to incorporate the antiquated versatile insusceptible framework.

Considering the monstrous stretch of time related with developing and consummating these intuitive edifices to create antiviral proteins in the body, the brain most likely boggles. In this specific situation, no counterfeit or ‘handy solution’ arrangements can imitate absolute flawlessness: mirror the hierarchical knowledge of all-powerful Nature, Being or Self. Nothing can substitute the mending and regenerative force of our own Higher Self: the body’s Creator, Healer and Maintainer – the regular invulnerable cycle inside every individual.

Wellbeing Flow

The main prerequisite for all-powerful Nature, Being or Health to become experiential is FLOW:

Being-Nature should be in stream mode inside the circulatory framework – stream unobstructed through the internal systems – to be clarified here.

The mystical or Yogic expression for Health is, Being. Accordingly regular actual wellbeing and resistance are basically very much the same state, both are parts of Being, the Transcendent, or, unadulterated awareness.

In this specific circumstance, real normal wellbeing and resistance can just start through our own Creator-planned body components: divine channels or stream methods of wellbeing safeguarding idle inside every human spirit.

Old Secret of Personal Immunity

‘Jesus goes into Jerusalem’ – Mark 11: 1- – 11

This stunning Bible stanza – when decoded – portrays completely the method for accomplishing ‘stream’ [of Being] referenced prior. It further subtleties the antiquated course of acquiring and keeping up with ease of mental/actual wellbeing and profound prosperity, including building up resistance to infections.

In this way, the word ‘Jerusalem’ scripturally alludes to the thymus organ, the recuperating or higher Hearth. The name/term ‘Jesus’ signifies our own ‘higher mindfulness’ inside. Subsequently, Jesus going into Jerusalem implies you/me intentionally going into higher reflective mindfulness; when our cognizance becomes ‘raised’ supernaturally unto Being or Christ standard; when mindfulness progressively sees and acknowledges Creator nature – Christ status inside – AS our own generally wonderful Self. In this manner, contemplation prompting the thymus organ – Jerusalem – achieves supernatural cognizance, subsequently setting off arrival of antiviral proteins – mature white platelets or Lymphocytes into the circulation system, the circulatory framework we call the invulnerable framework.

Regular generally speaking wellbeing consequently is started by going into thoughtful quietness – Jerusalem – accordingly animating movement in the thymus organ, the profound focus which delivers the developed T-cells, the antiviral proteins giving cell insusceptibility.

Widespread Life-power

Development or presence of antiviral proteins in the invulnerable framework address stream of general life-power through the brain/body systems. Stream of life-power compares to stream of Being or Health: individual wellbeing stream as per timeless Being: the physiology adjusted vastly and amicably with Creator Perfection Nature.

In the unique situation, of wellbeing stream, mindfulness that we’re not impeding our own widespread life-power – not hindering arrival of those all-indispensable resistant building up T-cells – is the objective. I say ‘obstructing’ in light of the fact that, insofar as we stay oblivious to straightforwardly knowing our own higher Self or Being through the thymus or, ‘Jerusalem’ inside, we stay out of cognizant contact with supernatural unadulterated awareness, wellspring of ALL normal insusceptibility and individual/worldwide wellbeing, paying little mind to ideology or culture.

At down to earth level, ‘impeding’ likens to unreasonable mental pressure, dread and excessive concern, for the most part achieved by aimlessly following apprehension driven media plans, indiscriminately following non-soul-serving strict authoritative opinions, or political and corporate outlooks without addressing them. In all actuality, no individual, establishment or partnership possesses the option to control individuals’ Health, for none can give steady regular self-resistance other than our own generally ideal Higher-Self inside. Thus, as against normal wellbeing mentalities can be taught and molded inconspicuously into powerless individuals’ brains by personal stakes – by dreary media/cultural ‘programming’ – individual carefulness in this space is significant.

Sacred text alludes to life-power hindering [of the Creator within] as follows:

“Father, pardon them, for they know not what they do” – Luke 23:34

Decoded this sacred text peruses:

“Father (our Higher Self, Healer, Being or Christ inside) Forgive (integratory mind/heart measure) them (hostile to Health considerations: understanding sourced through obliviousness) for they (consequently repeating non-wellbeing serving mentalities) know not what they do (obliviousness of the law of circumstances and logical results, obliviousness of our own real essence and potential: living slave-like to other’s enemy of regular wellbeing programming)”.

From this sacred text, we can see that God, Father, Being or Christ inside – or whatever title we decide to name God or Creator – doesn’t send infirmity, infections, yet that medical affliction is made in the psyche by nonappearance of direct contact with otherworldly Being in contemplation.

Along these lines, as supernatural unadulterated cognizance doesn’t have a maturing, rotting or infection making angle, our singular life design is for straightforwardly encountering this undying, everlasting territory of Being-nature in awareness; when our physiology reflects just this condition, the state to which every spirit stirs during mental quiet contemplation – consequently unto stream of normal wellbeing life-power.

Encountering ideal wellbeing and COVID invulnerability thusly is tied in with creating limit of awareness to withstand the stream presence of unadulterated happiness cognizance through the sensory system.

To this end, customary every day mindful contact with supernatural quiet is the conductor which implants Bliss-Health profound into the actual idea of the psyche coming about, over the long run, in supernatural unadulterated cognizance turning into our standardizing wellbeing base mindfulness – to incorporate long-lasting COVID invulnerability.

Reorientation of the human sensory system and safe framework

In this way, ‘going into Jerusalem’ – into the thymus organ – is the interaction which re-orientates the invulnerable framework. Incredibly, this equivalent interaction likewise re-orientates the human sensory system into higher usefulness. A capacity of direct contact with the Transcendent Creator AND the relative world, all the while. A norm of sensory system potential unrealistic preceding acquiring supernatural awareness.

Past to this double capacity, the human sensory system experienced exclusively in the single condition of time, space and causat

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