Health Carousel Takes Global Aim at Nursing Shortage Through Sustainable Initiative

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the healthcare industry is probably incalculable at this stage. Over the past several years, the pandemic has turned the industry on its head as organizations and facilities worldwide have been forced to adapt to the pressures of the new era. A scarce workforce partnered with an overworked staff has caused stress in healthcare facilities throughout the world, leading to a war of attrition that has left providers and patients alike with lesser care.

Health Carousel is a Cincinnati-based provider of healthcare workforce solutions both in the United States and abroad. Operating out of separate branded divisions, Health Carousel endeavors to help facilities to achieve their temporary and long-term recruitment needs.

Let’s take a closer look at how Health Carousel has implemented its recruitment processes while prioritizing sustainability.

Recruitment and Healthcare Services

Starting with Health Carousel’s Travel Nursing division, Health Carousel is primed to help healthcare professionals find the support they need through the matching up of credentialed nurses and other key professionals in the field. Health Carousel Travel Nursing gives immediate aid in both short and long-term capacities.

Health Carousel provides its database of credentialed professionals and nurses with the tools necessary to find a top-paying travel nursing job across the country or around the world. The program alleviates the burden of both travel and housing while also offering providers access to state-of-the-art tech geared toward empowering travel nurses to find their perfect positions. Individuals who would rather work alongside a recruiter to find the right spot for them can do so by matching with the right recruiter for their needs.

International Aid to the Philippines

Equipped with the largest network of credentialed healthcare professionals, Health Carousel International has opened the doors for support in areas around the world. Most recently, Health Carousel Philippines, an Overseas Employment Administration-licensed agency of recruiters, has been focused on bringing in healthcare professionals to accommodate for the lack that the Philippines has faced in that regard.

Due to the hardships caused by COVID-19 and the corresponding fallout of the pandemic, the Philippines was hit exceptionally hard, which caused severe burnout as well as incredibly high turnover in the healthcare field. This partnership with Health Carousel Philippines provided 2021 NLE Masterclass Training, helping more than 20,000 new nurses into the profession that had been otherwise blocked by a lack of hands-on training as well as licensure examinations.

Looking toward the future, however nebulous it may be, Health Carousel hopes to continue working on an international level to create enduring and ethical partnerships and educational entities. Eric Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer with the team at Health Carousel, stated, “We have some ambitious plans, to make Light the Way and our nurse sustainability activities even more impactful.”

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